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Spinward Marches

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    The Spinward Marches sector is not only a frontier, it is a war torn frontier. The Imperium expanded unclaimed territory until it reached the Marches, but there it found other races already in place. Most of the races were inconsequential, but the Zhodani had an empire nearly as large and as powerful as the Imperium. They were a force to be reckoned with; they resisted the Imperial advance and created the atmosphere of contention and conflict.

    The Spinward edge of the Imperium is 130 parsecs from the Emperor's throne on Capital. Beyond that border lie many worlds; some are client-states of the Imperium, while others are independent non-aligned governments.

    True development of the Spinward Marches began with the arrival of the Imperials in 60 when Mora (3124) was settled; Regina (1910) was settled in 75. Between 200 and 400, the major Imperial exploration and settlement of the Marches took place. By 500, there were Imperial explorations beyond the Marches and into Zhodani territory in the adjacent Foreven (Iakr) sector.

    The relationship between the Zhodani Consulate and the Imperium has never been an easy one. The continuing history of frontier wars between two empires makes another war both possible and probable.

    There are ample signs of tension between the Imperium and the Consulate. The Zhodani supported guerrilla insurgency on Efate, Zhodani military preparations which have resulted in Imperial registered ships being fired on, boarded or destroyed, both sides have established trade restrictions on the other side's commodities. 

     The sector capital is Mora 0704 AA99AC7-F Hi In

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.