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Mora Subsector

The Mora subsector is the industrial hub of the Spinward Marches. With three industrialized worlds covering a span of technology from 8 through 15, this subsector is capable of producing a wide variety of products suitable for most every taste.

The Imperial Research Station at Duale has reportedly suffered extreme damage from an explosion of undertermined origin in 1102. A high degree of military security has been present in the system since that date. The nature of the research being undertaken is not known.

The  73rd Fleet is headquartered at Mora (0704).

Mainworld Hex UPP Bases Trade Codes PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Heroni 0101 B6449B9-8 Hi In 721 Im
Byret 0103 B485897-6 Ag Ni Ri 812 Im
Pimane 0107 E500343-4 Lo Ni Va 903 Im
Fosey 0201 A633656-A W Na Ni Po 620 Im
Mercury 0204 B658663-8 A Ag Ni 304 Im
Tivid 0207 C534477-8 Ni 401 Im
Carey 0306 C579221-9 Lo Ni 910 Im
Duale 0308 A5437BF-B Po 401 Im Research Station Alpha
Catuz 0404 C2204BC-9 Ni Po De 510 Im
Meleto 0407 C675100-5 S Lo Ni 724 Im
Hexos 0408 B534420-8 N Ni 123 Im
Pedase 0410 C415346-7 S Lo Ni Ic 101 Im
Moran 0504 C367300-8 N Lo Ni 201 A Im
Maitz 0507 A201511-B Ni Va Ic 122 Im
Mainz 0510 C553352-A S Lo Ni Po 803 Im
Brodie 0601 C410468-7 Ni 114 Im
Rorise 0602 C994100-A Lo Ni 502 Im
Jokotre 0604 B6548D9-7 810 Im
Fornice 0605 A354A87-C Hi 202 Im
Grille 0606 E410335-7 Lo Ni 710 Im
Palique 0609 A511965-E Hi Na In Ic 320 A Im
Nexine 0610 C97A443-8 S Ni Wa 801 Im
Nadrin 0703 D120203-6 S Lo Ni Po De 920 Im
Mora 0704 AA99AC7-F A Hi In 112 Im Sector Capital
Dojodo 0803 C512311-7 S Lo Ni Ic 710 Im
Fenl's Gren 0808 C647346-9 Lo Ni 423 A Im

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.