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Chronor Subsector

The Cronor subsector lies at the extreme spinward reach of the Imperial frontier, and has long been a point of friction between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. The Second Frontier War (615-620) began with an attack on Cipango (0705) and then exploded to engulf three subsectors. Ultimately, the Cronor subsector was lost as a result of the war, and the borders established have remained to this day. Zhodani ascendance in this subsector is a relatively recent event, occurring only in the last century. Incursions which have collectively been called the Fourth Frontier War (1082-1084) resulted in some realignment of accepted boundaries, but in nor real gains for either side.

Cronor subsector contains a jump route nexus (at Cronor) controlling vital Zhodani connections to territory in both Jewell and Querion subsectors. Away from established jump lanes, the sparse population of the subsector has resisted domination, although only in a passive vein. Many of the worlds in the Cronor subsector remain nominally independant, although they are under Zhodani protection. Long term education and development programs are in progress to integrate these worlds into the Zhodani Consulate.

All the worlds in this subsector should be treated as Amber travel zones by Imperial citizens.

Mainworld Hex UPP Bases Trade Codes PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Zeycude 0101 C330698-9 Z Na Ni Po De 613 Zh
Reno 0102 C1207B9-A Na Po De 603 Zh
Errere 0103 B263664-B Z Ni Ri 910 Zh
Cantrel 0104 C366243-9 Lo Ni 520 Zh
Gyomar 0108 D8B2889-5 Fl 824 Na
Thengo 0202 C868586-5 Ag Ni 801 Zh
Rio 0301 C686648-8 Ag Ni Ri 201 Na
Gessentown 0303 B21169B-C Z Na Ni Ic 801 Zh
Chronor 0304 A6369A5-D Z Hi 810 Zh Capital
Atsa 0307 B4337CA-A Z Na Po An 810 Zh
Whenge 0503 D648500-8 Ag Ni 610 Na
Enlas-Du 0601 E975776-6 Ag 323 Na
Algebaster 0605 C665658-9 Ag Ni Ri 410 Na
Rasatt 0607 E883401-7 Ni 910 Na
Ninjar 0608 A211666-C Z Na Ni Ic 410 Zh
Shayou 0610 B756779-A Z Ag 111 Zh
Indo 0703 E334662-5 Ni 320 Na
Nerewhon 0704 E738475-7 Ni 820 Na
Cipango 0705 A886865-C Z Ri 121 Zh
Stava 0710 E7667A8-2 Ag 801 Na
Narval 0805 D525688-6 Z Ni 603 A Zh
Plaven 0807 E845300-3 Lo Ni 910 Na
Quar 0808 B532720-B N Na Po 401 A Im
Frond 0810 E9C3300-9 Lo Ni Fl 103 Cs

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.