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Sword Worlds Subsector

The Sword Worlds are a loose confederation of worlds all colonized in the same era (400-200 PI). Through the centuries, their relationship has varied from fledgling empires to scattered trading pacts, but the worlds have always maintained their affinity for each other. The current confederation, with a capital at Joyeuse, has endured the longest (established 852) and maintains its power by allowing a wide latitude in local government operations.

All member systems in the Sword Worlds maintain independent local Navies. The confederation charter calls for conferalization of these forces in times of need; in other circumstances they patrol local systems.

Mainworld Hex UPP Bases Trade Codes PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Hrunting 0101 B463747-9 M Ri 313 Sw
Tizon 0102 B386887-A M Ri 323 Sw
Narsil 0107 B574A55-A M Hi In 224 Sw
Flammarion 0110 A623514-B B Ni Po 710 Im
Colads 0202 B364685-B M Ag Ni Ri 211 A Sw
Anduril 0206 B985855-B M Ri 222 Sw
Mjolnir 0301 B530544-A M Ni Po De 522 Sw
Joyeuse 0303 B464778-A M Ag Ri 201 A Sw
Orcist 0306 B8A6733-A M Fl 401 Sw
Enos 0310 E25059B-4 G Ni Po De 710 Sw
Gungnir 0401 B444779-8 M Ag 432 Sw
Gram 0403 A895957-B M Hi In 603 Sw Confederation Capital
Excalibur 0405 B324755-A M 402 Sw
Tyrfing 0504 B637735-A M 710 Sw
Sacnoth 0505 B775956-C M Hi In 801 Sw
Caladbolg 0509 B365776-A S Ag Ri 710 Im
Beater 0604 B685686-A M Ag Ni Ri 610 Sw
Gunn 0609 E344110-B Lo Ni 602 A Im
Caliburn 0610 E000514-A Ni As 924 Im
Dyrnwyn 0702 B958412-A M Ni 201 Sw
Durendal 0703 B687334-B M Lo Ni 714 Sw
Hofud 0704 B666553-A M Ag Ni 501 Sw
Sting 0705 B645896-A M 302 Sw
Biter 0706 B354623-A M Ag Ni 301 Sw
Steel 0709 E665000-7 Lo Ba Ni 324 Sw
Iron 0806 E529000-9 Lo Ba Ni 714 Sw
Bronze 0807 E201000-9 Lo Ba Ni Va Ic 510 Sw
Mithril 0808 E568000-0 Lo Ba Ni 301 Sw

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.