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Vilis Subsector

    The communications link extending along the Imperial border from Regina plunges through the heart of the Vilis subsector. While the coreward portion of the region is the demilitarized neutral zone shared with the Zhodani Consulate, the rimward edge of the area borders on the loose configuration known as the Sword Worlds. In times of tension, the exposed location of this subsector makes the area a prime miltary position.

The 193rd Fleet is headquartered on Frenzie (0306).

Mainworld Hex UPP Bases Trade Codes PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Caloran 0101 C796746-5 Ag 510 Na
899-076 0102 E201300-8 Lo Ni Va Ic 520 Na
Quare 0105 B200545-9 Ni Va 204 Cs
Zeta 2 0109 X6B0000-0 Lo Ba Ni De 313 Sw
Arden 0201 C5549CB-8 Hi 810 Fa
Cholesti 0208 C200100-9 Lo Ni Va 101 Im
Margesi 0210 C575677-6 Ag Ni 910 A Im
Frenzie 0306 A200436-A N Ni Va Cp 110 Im Subsector Capital
Garde-Vilis 0308 B978868-A S 912 Im
Vilis 0309 A593943-A Hi In 820 Im
Digitis 0402 E53668A-5 Ni 920 Na
Edinina 0403 E400220-5 Lo Ni Va 401 A Cs
728-907 0404 D955000-2 Lo Ba Ni 610 Im
Stellatio 0406 D5A4420-4 Ni Fl 210 Im
Arkadia 0407 E446845-6 402 Im
Tremous Rex 0501 B511411-C Ni Ic 201 Na
Mirriam 0505 E472300-8 N Lo Ni 110 Im
Saurus 0510 D888588-7 Ag Ni 820 Im
Rangent 0601 E67A612-7 Ni Wa 503 Na
Denotam 0603 B739573-A N Ni 324 Im
Ficant 0607 E567353-5 Lo Ni 910 Im
Tionale 0701 C674321-8 Lo Ni 210 A Cs
Calit 0705 C334867-7 501 Im
Asgard 0709 X3437C7-2 Po 520 R Im
Tavonni 0710 E567000-7 Lo Ba Ni 434 Im
Phlume 0801 C887624-8 Ag Ni 710 Im

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.