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Darrian Subsector

Situated beyond the boundaries of the established Imperium, the Darrian subsector is named for the Darrian Confederation, a loose interstellar community of about twenty worlds in various stages of development. With connections to the industrial worlds of Zamine and the breadbaskets of Engrange, Roget, and Condaria, the Darrian Confederation has maintained its independance against the pressures of its larger neighbors.

Darrian itself is an old decaying world depending on its past as a resource, art objects are a major export, although strictly controlled. Many local buildings and complexes are tech level 16, but the technology to maintain them has been lost.

Mainworld Hex UPP Bases Trade Codes PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Junction 0102 D150441-4 Ni Po De 210 Na
Uniqua 0109 E62556B-4 Ni 210 Na
Garoo 0110 A2008CB-A Na Va 210 Na
Stern-Stern 0203 B321568-B Ni Po 701 Da
886-945 0210 D833000-3 Lo Ba Ni Po 504 Na
Nonym 0301 C233898-A G Na Po 623 Na
Laberv 0305 B354443-7 M Ni 834 Da
Ektron 0306 C332652-9 Na Ni Po 423 Da
Zamine 0401 E897977-A Hi In 223 Da
Engrange 0405 C554769-8 Ag 701 Da
Ilium 0406 B444831-9 M . 401 Da
Roget 0407 B566777-9 Ag Ri 420 Da
Kardin 0409 E453123-6 Lo Ni Po An 410 Na
Bularia 0410 C774622-5 Ag Ni 310 Cs
Rorre 0506 D765657-3 Ag Ni Ri 103 Da
Mire 0507 A665A95-B M Hi 110 Da Confederation Capital
Condaria 0508 E54779B-5 Ag 901 Na
Dorannia 0510 E42158A-8 Ni Po 510 Na
Terant 340 0602 D1405A7-9 Ni Po De 523 Da
Jacent 0604 A333644-D Na Ni Po 710 Da
494-908 0605 X893000-0 Lo Ba Ni 710 R Da
Darrian 0607 A463955-G Hi 225 Da
Torment 0701 X233231-4 Lo Ni Po 820 R Da Exile Camp
Trifuge 0703 C446556-9 Ag Ni 210 Da
Nosea 0704 B2326BB-C N Na Ni Po 620 Da
Spume 0707 C140200-A M Lo Ni Po De 434 Da
Ator 0709 D326258-6 Lo Ni An 821 Na
Cunnonic 0802 E65767A-3 Ag Ni 502 Da
Debarre 0810 B854123-9 Lo Ni 822 A Cs

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.