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Querion Subsector

The Querion subsector is an area of space worlds technically claimed by the Zhodani Consulate, although the strength of that claim depends only on a short express lance connection into the coreward edge of the region.

At the rimward edge of the Querion subsector, territorial claims have been pressed for Winston, Entrope and Anselhome by both the Sword Worlds and the Darrian Confederation; Imperial diplomatic backing has been given the Darrian claim, although Zhodani interference has thus far thwarted any resolution of the situation.

The Imperium has long maintained (since 556) a research station in the Retinae system for the purposes of communications research. Accessed from Frenzie/Vilis via Thanber, the station has frequently figured in Zhodani diplomatic protests. Its long-standing presence at Retinae and the steadfastness of the Emperor has served to maintain its continued operation.

This entire subsector is outside the boundaries of the Imperium; all worlds should be treated as travel zone Amber by Imperial citizens.

Mainworld Hex UPP Bases Trade Codes PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Atson 0101 B310598-8 Ni 933 Na
Yiktor 0104 C6B6431-A Ni Fl 123 Na
Xhosa 0105 EA95124-4 Lo Ni 910 Na
Prinx 0202 C436635-6 Ni 720 Na
Rushu 0205 E766674-4 Ag Ni Ri 903 Na
Bael 0208 E200100-8 Lo Ni Va 812 Na
Mizan-fel 0301 B46258A-8 Ni 323 Na
Sansibar 0402 B200310-A Z Lo Ni Va 701 Zh
Attica 0404 C400546-8 Ni Va 810 Na
Retinae 0406 E8C69AA-5 Hi Fl 910 Cs Research Station Delta
Terra Nova 0501 C786342-9 Lo Ni 812 Na
Asmodeus 0502 E596400-4 Ni 205 Zh Nuclear war in 1005
Faisal 0508 D445436-3 Ni 810 Cs
Lebeau 0603 B869554-C Ni 910 Zh
Querion 0604 B254788-9 Z Ag 804 Zh Subsector Capital
Dekalb 0608 EA8A799-6 Ri Wa 320 Cs
Winston 0702 C592320-8 Z Lo Ni 402 Zh
Rapp's World 0707 B243653-C Ni Po 210 Cs
Entrope 0710 E336AAA-C Hi 110 Sw
Anselhome 0810 C110588-8 Ni 601 Sw

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.