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Jewell Subsector

The Jewell subsector is fragmented into three distinct areas; an Imperial region answering to the duke at Regina, a Zhodani military district under the Cronor subsector establishment, and a mutually agreed-upon neutral zone open to both sides, but theoretically demilitarized.

The Jewell cluster of worlds is heavily fortified, and boasts a large contingent of Imperial troops as well as navel and scout forces. Similarly, the Zhodani-controlled communications link (Chwistyoch-Clan-Farreach) has seen heavy military construction in the decades since the Fourth Frontier War.

Esalin is an unusual world in this divided subsector; originally settled by Imperial colonists in 835, it fell to Zhodani advances in 1082. Its value as an agricultural world, however, led the Zhodani to tolerate the human presence. In the years since, the world has been the site of increasing cooperation between the races. Esalin has been declared a neutral world in a joint communique (1098) by the Imperial and Zhodani governments.

The 23rd Fleet is headquartered at Jewell (0306).

Mainworld Hex UPP Bases Trade Codes PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Condoyle 0101 E7A1522-8 Ni Fl 923 Na
Puparkin 0102 C7B3386-9 Lo Ni Fl 502 Na
Chwistyoch 0104 B766766-A Z Ag Ri 424 A Zh
Gougeste 0109 C372510-A Ni 420 A Cs
Esalin 0204 C565673-8 Ag Ni Ri 223 A Cs
Ruby 0205 B400445-B S Ni Va 201 Im
Emerald 0206 B766555-B S Ag Ni 534 Im
Zenopit 0210 D130546-7 Ni Po De 622 Na
Riverland 0302 C566A99-9 Hi 214 A Zh
Clan 0303 B672899-A Z 901 A Zh
Jewell 0306 A777999-C A Hi In Cp 623 Im Subsector Capitol
Zircon 0310 C792668-8 G Ni 624 Fa
Ao-dia 0401 E410644-6 Na Ni 312 Zh
Mongo 0404 A368685-A A Ag Ni Ri 603 Im
Utoland 0409 C473464-7 Ni 410 Fa
Pequan 0410 E5656B9-4 Ag Ni 710 Na
Nakage 0505 D591314-2 Lo Ni 501 A Im
Lysen 0507 B592655-A S Ni 623 Im
Foelen 0601 B638665-8 Ni 910 A Zh
Farreach 0602 A200400-B Z Ni Va 415 A Zh
871-439 0710 E722000-8 Lo Ba Ni Po 801 Na
Louzy 0804 D322A88-8 Hi Na In Po 110 Im
Grant 0807 X664100-0 Lo Ni 222 R Im

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.