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District 268 Subsector

District 268 is an underdeveloped region which does not yet enjoy membership in the Imperium, although Imperial protection is available to worlds and peoples who inhabit the region. The center for administration of Imperial activities in District 268 is Glisten, in the adjoining Glisten subsector.

Collace is the site of one of several Imperial scout bases in the district. Application has been made for membership in the Imperium, which is pending.

Mainworld Hex UPP Bases Trade Codes PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Asteltine 0101 B7A7402-A Ni Fl 210 Na
Inchin 0108 D12035C-A Lo Ni Po De 823 Na
Singer 0110 D553774-6 Po 901 Na
567-908 0201 E532000-8 Lo Ba Ni Po 310 Na
Avastan 0207 C433520-A Ni Po 724 Na
Kwai Ching 0210 C503758-A Na Va Ic 320 Na
Faldor 0301 E5936A7-2 Ni 520 Na
Bowman 0302 D000300-9 S Lo Ni As 811 Cs
Squallia 0303 C438679-9 Ni 320 Na
Tarsus 0308 B584620-A Ag Ni 202 Cs
Walston 0402 C544338-8 S Lo Ni 302 Cs
Flexos 0403 E5A1422-6 Ni Fl 610 Na
Collace 0407 B628943-D S Hi In 101 Cs
Pavabid 0408 C6678D8-6 701 A Cs
Datrillion 0501 E227633-8 Ni 801 Na
Nirton 0502 X600000-0 Lo Ba Ni Va 011 R Na
Judice 0507 E9B2000-8 Lo Ba Ni Fl 321 Cs Research Station H
Trexalon 0509 B361851-C Ri 923 Na
Motmos 0510 B68468B-5 N Ag Ni Ri 710 Cs
Noctocol 0603 E7A5747-6 Fl 602 Na
Takine 0604 C466662-7 S Ag Ni Ri 310 A Cs
Dallia 0605 B8B5883-9 Fl 610 Cs
Talos 0606 E333532-9 Ni Po 820 Na
Dawnworld 0701 E885000-0 Lo Ba Ni 025 Na
Elixabeth 0702 B426467-8 N Ni 201 Cs
Forine 0703 D3129B8-A Hi Na In Ic 610 Na
Mertactor 0707 B262732-B S 810 Im Subsector Capital
Talchek 0801 C7B1462-5 Ni Fl 601 A Cs
Milagro 0802 E21178A-7 Na Ic 920 Cs
Pagaton 0804 C769873-4 Ri 913 Na
Binges 0805 A800231-A Lo Ni Va 720 Na
Mille Falcs 0807 B9A2469-B A Ni Fl 301 Im

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.