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Chtrfiak-class Battleship

BB - S 4 2 6 C H 4 - 5 9 3 3 0 7 - 9 8 8 P 9 - 0 MCr171,426.0 200 ktons
batteries bearing G 7 G G S G TL=13


R A R R Z R Crew=1,735

Fuel=64,000. EP=24,000. Agility=9. Cargo=250.

Tonnage: 200,000 tons (standard). 2,800,000 cubic meters.
Crew: 132 officers. 1,603 ratings.
Performance: Jump-2. 6-G. Power plant-12. 24,000 EP. Agility 9.
Electronics: Model 8/fib computer
Hardpoints: One spinal weapons mount. Fifty 100-ton bays. Fifty 50-ton bays. Five hundred hardpoints.
Armament: Spinal mount meson gun (factor-P). Two hundred fifty triple beam laser turrets organized into 25 batteries. Twenty five 50-ton fusion gun bays. Fourty 100-ton particle accelerator bays. Twenty five 50-ton missile bays.
Defenses: Ten 100-ton repulsor bays. Two hundred fifty triple sandcaster turrets organized into 25 batteries. Meson screen (factor-3). Nuclear Damper (factor-3). Armored hull (factor-5).
Craft: Two 50-ton small craft.
Fuel Treatment: Integral fuel scoops; on-board fuel treatment plant.
Cost: MCr214,282.5 standard. MCr171,426.0 in quantity.
Construction Time: 56 months singly; 35 months in quantity.

   Comments: The Chtrfiak-class battleship is an aging design still in service with the Zhodani Navy, but is still a capable and useful line-of-battle ship; mounting jump-2, 6-G acceleration and 6 agility with somewhat aging weapons, the Chtrfiak is an effective ship when coupled with other vessels capable of supporting it.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.