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Chiqrr-class Battleship

BB - U 4 3 5 9 G 4 - B 9 6 6 0 8 - 9 9 9 S 9 - 0 MCr288,328.5 300 ktons
batteries bearing U 8 Y Y Y Y TL=14


X F Z Z Z Z Crew=3,270

Z=100. Y=55. X=50.
Fuel=156,000. EP=36,000. Agility=5. Troops=500. Cargo=500. Low=500.

Tonnage: 400,000 tons (standard). 5,600,000 cubic meters.
Crew: 242 officers. 3,028 ratings.
Performance: Jump-3. 5-G. Power plant-9. 36,000 EP. Agility 5.
Electronics: Model 7/fib computer
Hardpoints: One spinal weapons mount. One hundred 100-ton bays. One hundred fifty 50-ton bays. One thousand eight hundred eighty hardpoints.
Armament: Spinal mount meson gun (factor-S). One thousand triple beam laser turrets organized into 100 batteries. One hundred 50-ton fusion gun bays. One hundred 100-ton particle accelerator bays. One hundred 50-ton missile bays.
Defenses: Fifteen 100-ton repulsor bays. Five hundred triple sandcaster turrets organized into 50 batteries. Meson screen (factor-6). Nuclear Damper (factor-6). Armored hull (factor-11).
Craft: One hundred fifty 25-ton fighters. Two launch tubes. Three 50-ton small craft.
Fuel Treatment: Integral fuel scoops; on-board fuel treatment plant.
Cost: MCr360,410.6 standard. MCr288,328.5 in quantity.
Construction Time: 56 months singly; 44 months in quantity.

   Comments: Designed along the aging thought of multi-purpose combat vessels, the Chiqrr-class battleship is actually a small battle fleet all onto itself; with its type S Meson Gun, 100 missile bays, 100 particle bays, 500 troops, and 150 fighters, a standard BatRon of four Chiqrr-class battleships is capable of fielding sufficient firepower to rival multi-squadron fleets. With jump-3 capability, the only significant drawback is its limited 5 Agility and 5-G acceleration.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.