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Achzhdr-class Battle Rider

              BR-P106DH3-H96608-799S9-0 MCr166533.6 60 ktons
batteries bearing         C   5 C5507               TL 14 
        batteries         R   A RAA1F               Crew=598
Cargo=1,000. Fuel=7,800. EP=7,800.

Tonnage: 60,000 tons (standard), 840,000 cubic meters.
Crew: 49 officers, 549 ratings
Peformance: No Jump. 6-G acceleration. Power plant-13. 7,800 EP. Agility 6.
Electronics: Model 8/fib computer
Hardpoints: One spinal mount. Twenty 100-ton bays. Twenty 50-ton bays. Five hundred hardpoints.
Armament: Spinal mount meson gun (factor-S). Ten 100-ton particle accelerator bays. Ten 50-ton Fusion Bay bays. Fifteen 50-ton missile bays. Two hundred and fifty triple pulse laser turrets organized into 25 batteries.
Defences: Ten 100-ton repulsor bays. Two hundred and fifty triple sandcaster turrets organized into 25 batteries. Meson screen (factor-6). Nuclear Damper (factor-6). Black glode (factor-0). Armored hull (factor-17).
Craft: no small craft.
Fuel Treatment: No fuel scoops No fuel purification plant
Cost: MCr208,167.0 standard. MCr166,533.6 in quantity.
Construction Time: 48 months singly; 38 months in quantity,