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Valor-class Missile Corvette

              LM-44469E2-B00000-00003-0   MCr300.08   400 tons
batteries bearing                    4                 TL=15
        batteries                    4                 Crew=11
Fuel=196. EP=36. Agility=6. Cargo=5.

Tonnage: 400 tons (standard). 5,600 cubic meters.
Crew: 3 officers. 8 ratings.
Performance: Jump-4. 6-G. Power plant-9. 36 EP. Agility 6.
Electronics: Model 5/fib computer
Hardpoints: Four hardpoints.
Armament: Four triple missile turrets organized into 4 batteries.
Defenses: Armored hull (factor-11)
Fuel Treatment: Integral fuel scoops.
Cost: MCr375.1 standard. MCr300.08 in quantity.
Construction Time: 16 months singly; 11 months in quantity.

   Comments: The Valor class missile corvette is a relatively new ship, with only about 200 completed to date. Few have reached the Spinward Marches yet, and those that have were assigned to escort duty with ships in the 2 - 3 kton range.
    The Valor class was designed to operate most efficiently at long range, staying there throughout the course of the engagement. Its primary weapon is the nuclear missile, which is launched from its four batteries of triple missile turrets and is highly effective against lightly defended ships. A large supply of HE missiles is also carried for use particularly against ships equipped with nuclear dampers.
    This ship is unusually cramped for an Imperial Navy vessel with very little recreational space.