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Shugek-class Battle Carrier

              CB-V7424J4-079909-99999-200 MCr19,562. 600 ktons
batteries bearing         3   1 32112                TL=15
        batteries         5   2 54224                Crew=1,911
Fuel=282,000. EP=24,000. Agility=2. Cargo=2,000. Troops=500.

Tonnage: 600,000 tons (standard). 8,400,000 cubic meters.
Crew: 175 officers, 1,735 ratings. 200 pilots. 500 troops.
Performance: Jump-4. 2-G. Power plant-4. 40,000 EP. Agility 2.
Electronics: Model 9/fib computer
Hardpoints: One spinal weapons mount. Twenty-two 100-ton bays. Four hundred and thirty 50-ton bays. Four hundred hardpoints.
Armament: One hundred fifty beam laser turrets organized into 5 batteries. Four 50-ton fusion gun bays. Two 100-ton particle accelerator bays. Two 100-ton meson gun bays. Four 50-ton missile bays.
Defenses: Two 100-ton repulsor bays. Fifty triple sandcaster turrets organized into 5 batteries. Meson screen (factor-9). Nuclear damper (factor-9).
Craft: Six Kakalikhu class Battle Riders. 200 heavy fighters. Two launch tubes.
Fuel Treatment: No integral fuel scoops. No on-board fuel treatment plant.
Cost: MCr24,562.8 standard. MCr19,562.2 in quantity.
Construction Time: 58 months singly; 46 months in quantity.

   Comments: The Shugek class battle carrier has recently been placed on the active list, following the classes final testing and acceptance by the Admiralty. Carring six Kakalikhu class battle riders and two hundred heavy fighters, this battle squadron presents a significant threat to any enemy battle squadron. Most significant is this classes ability to move with all but the longest jumping Imperial fleets; it's jump-4 makes the Shugek class a very responsive and potent threat.
    With tensions increasing in the Spinward Marches region, it is possible that this class will see combat sooner than would otherwise be expected.