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Nemesis-class Frigate

              FR-K446EJ3-390909-99999-0   MCr8,734.4  12.5 ktons
batteries bearing         1   1 22222                 TL=15
        batteries         1   1 22222                 Crew=108
Fuel=5,500. EP=1,750. Agility=6.

Tonnage: 12,500 tons (standard). 175,000 cubic meters.
Crew: 18 officers. 90 ratings.
Performance: Jump-4. 6-G. Power plant-14. 1,750 EP. Agility 6.
Electronics: Model 9/fib computer
Hardpoints: Six 100-ton bays. Four 50-ton bays. Thirty hardpoints.
Armament: Twenty triple beam laser turrets organized into 2 batteries. Two 50-ton fusion gun bays. Two 100-ton particle accelerator bays. Three 100-ton meson gun bays. Two 50-ton missile bays.
Defenses: One 100-ton repulsor bay. Ten triple sandcaster turrets organized into 1 battery. Nuclear Damper (factor-9). Hull armor (factor-3).
Craft: Two Nike class corvettes. One 50-ton craft. One 30-ton craft. One 20-ton craft.
Fuel Treatment: Integral fuel scoops; on-board fuel treatment plant.
Cost: MCr9,704.9 standard. MCr8m734.4 in quantity.
Construction Time: 16 months singly; 12 months in quantity.

   Comments: The Nemesis class is the standard Imperial Navy patrol frigate. Several Nemesis Class vessels will be present at even the smallest Imperial base. This class is also carries the Nike Class corvette for long range transportation and a wide variety of customs, navel inspection and patrol missions. Most larger Imperial navel bases have at least one squadron of Nemesis Class frigates on-station for local security and customs patrols, along with the associated Nike Class corvettes.

    The idea for this ship came from Compton's Starship Compendium, a resource for the game Space Opera. The conversion to Traveller was done by me and includes the Traveller statistics and deck plans for this ship.