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Lucifer-class Destroyer Escort

              DE-4446BJ2-C00000-06003-0       MCr320. 400 tons
batteries bearing                 1   2                 TL=15
        batteries                1   2                 Crew=10
Fuel=20. EP=44. Agility=6.

Tonnage: 400 tons (standard). 5,600 cubic meters.
Crew: 3 officers. 7 ratings.
Performance: Jump-4. 6-G. Power plant-11. 44 EP. Agility 6.
Electronics: Model 9/fib computer
Hardpoints: Four hardpoints.
Armament: Two fusion gun turrets organized into 1 battery. Two missile turrets organized into 2 batteries.
Defenses: Armored hull (factor-12).
Craft: none.
Fuel Treatment: Integral fuel scoops.
Cost: MCr401.0 standard. MCr320.0 in quantity.
Construction Time: 16 months singly; 11 months in quantity.

   Comments: The Lucifer-class destroyer escort is a common ship, of which some 3,000-4,000 have been built to date. Most are serving as escorts for destroyers in the 3-5 kton range. It has proven itself capable in its primary role of escort. It has jump-4 and 6-G maneuver allowing it to keep up with most fleets in combat.
    It is an agile ship, heavily-armored and heavily-armed. It is equipped with three batteries of turret weapons which can be effective at either range. At long range, the ship's large complement of nuclear and HE missiles are used to maximum effect, while at short range, its primary battery of four fusion guns take over. Their high USP rating of six will produce many critical hits on small ships.
    The Lucifer-class is routinely assigned to garrison or patrol duties and will occasionally be assigned to run special errands on detached duty.