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Gazelle-class Close Escort

              CE-3455762-300000-40100-0   MCr287.4    300 tons
batteries bearing                2 2                    TL=15
        batteries               2 2                    Crew=12
Fuel=81. EP=21. Agility=6. Cargo=6.

Tonnage: 300 tons (standard). 4,200 cubic meters.
Crew: 4 officers. 8 ratings.
Performance: Jump varies with situation. With drop tanks installed and retained, jump-4 and 4-G. With drop tanks installed and dropped, jump-5 and 5-G. With drop tanks not installed, jump-2 and 5-G, Maneuver-6, power plant-12, Agility-6
Electronics: Model 6 computer
Hardpoints: Four hardpoints.
Armament: Two triple beam laser turrets organized into 2 batteries. Two particle accelerator barbettes organized into 2 batteries.
Defenses: Armored hull (factor-3).
Craft: One 20-ton gig
Fuel Treatment: Integral fuel scoops; on-board fuel treatment plant. L-Hyd tanks add 100 tons of fuel and displacement (CE-4444762) and cost MCr0.11
Cost: MCr359.3 standard. MCr287.5 in quantity.
Construction Time: 16 months singly; 11 months in quantity.

   Comments: Hundreds of Gazelle class close escorts have been built and many remain in service in the Imperial navy, despite the fact that in a combat situation, they are nearly worthless. The close escort, even when new, was not intended to stand up to combat vessels; rather it was envisioned as an anti-piracy and revenue patrol ship. In that role, it has performed well, but when pressed into combat duties it has invariably suffered disproportionate losses.