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Chrysanthemum-class Destroyer Escort

              DE-A4469J2-150000-05034-0 MCr729.18 1 ktons
batteries bearing         5      1 11             TL=15
        batteries         5      1 11             Crew=16
Fuel=490. EP=90. Agility=6. One Cutter.

Tonnage: 1,000 tons (standard). 14,000 cubic meters.
Crew: 6 officers, 10 ratings.
Performance: Jump-4. 6-G. Power plant-9. 90 EP. Agility 6.
Electronics: Model 9/fib computer
Hardpoints: Ten hardpoints.
Armament: Two tripple missile turrets organized into 1 battery. One dual fusion gun turret functioning as 1 battery. Two single particle accelerator turrets organized as 1 battery.
Defenses: Five triple sandcaster turrets organized into 5 batteries.
Craft: One 50-ton cutter
Fuel Treatment: Integral fuel scoops. No fuel purification plant.
Cost: MCr911.48 standard. MCr729.18 in quantity.
Construction Time: 30 months singly; 21 months in quantity.

   Comments: The Chrysanthemum class destroyer escort is a small, fast vessel intended for fleet and squadron escort duties. The design is old, but efficient, with examples of the ship serving in the Imperial Navy for over a century. Chrysanthemums are ubiquitous, being encountered with larger fleet elements as well as working alone.
     This class of destroyer escort has been pressed into service in a variety of non-escort duties, including orbital patorls, police operations, garrison duties, and even limited strike missions.