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Trojan Reaches Sector

Menorial SubsectorEgyrn SubsectorPax Rulin SubsectorGazulin Subsector
Yggdrasil SubsectorDpres SubsectorSindal SubsectorTobia Subsector
Nora'a SubsectorGoertel SubsectorTlaiowaha SubsectorThe Borderland Subsector
Ranib SubsectorSilraaihe SubsectorHkea'as SubsectorBinary Subsector

The Trojan Reaches sector is a frontier sector, with small independent nations comprised of a few worlds who have banded together to form partners in defense, trade and commerce. In this sector, one can travel from the Imperium through these small, independent states to the Aslan Hierate. 

The Aslan have had star flight for less than 3,200 years. Despite their youth, their spread through space has been rapid, driven by the instinctive territorial desires which are central to the makeup of the Aslan male. The Aslan are established in six of the subsectors in the Trojan Reaches.

Occupies three worlds in the Egyrn subsector (Belgard, Gorgon, and Eleson).  Known for their use of obsolete equipment, its origins are lost in myth and legend. The Sojourn only wishes to be left alone.

Consisting of 27 worlds in three subsectors, the League is an emerging presence in this sector.  The League's capital is at Floria/Yggdrasil, which boasts TL15.  Currently the League is on favorable terms with the Aslan and the Imperium, actively trading with both in addition to providing stability in the region.

This empire is an offshoot of the Aslan Hierate, founded some 500 years ago by a prosperous trader. The Empires main prospect is in trade and is considered to be rather ingenious at bargaining.

Imperial worlds are members of the Imperium; the protection of the Imperial Navy encourages trade and commerce. The size of the Imperium has strained the ability of the Empire to govern, and as a result, worlds remain relatively independent.

The Senlis Foederate (Senlis, Orsasch and Magen) is a small independent trading and defense alliance, and the first stage of a known jump route across the Void. The worlds of Kydde and Bantral, both within the Void, have high agricultural status and have trade connections to the Foederate and the Imperium.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.