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Pax Rulin Subsector

    At the spin-rimward boundary of the Imperium, this subsector is also on the coreward edge of the Outrim Void. Pax Rulin subsector is administered from Glisten, and the Imperial presence in this subsector amounts to little more than a string of military installations defending the Imperial border - other than these, life is very much in the independant frontier mold.

    The Senlis Foederate (Senlis, Orsascj and Magen) is a small independant trading and defense alliance, and the first stage of a know jump route across the Void. The worlds of Kydde and Bantral, both within the Void, have high agricultural status and have trade connections to the Foederate and the Imperium.

Mainworld Hex SP UWP TL Base Remarks PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Candia 1801 D 4006A9 4 Na Ni Va 703 Na
Kydde 1810 B 644779 5


Ag Tp 804


Bantral 1906 C 886589 9


Ag Ni D0 Tp 503 Cs
Kryslion 2002 D 483AA9 9 Hi 520


Orsasch 2008 E 241364 7


Lo Ni Po 223 Sf
Cyan 2102 C 4699B9 11


Hi 510 Im
Berengaria 2105 B 566644 7 A Ag Ni Ri 304 Im
Senlis 2108 B 671633 10 J Ni 510 Sf
Doradon 2202 A 400369 11 S Lo Ni Va 100 Im
Perrior 2203 A 633966 11 N Na Hi Po 330 Im
Pax Rulin 2204 A 402231 14 N Lo Ni Va Ic 413 Im Subsector Capital
Rhysk 2304 E 413730 3 Na Ic 613 R Im
Caraz 2306 E 111959 10 N Na Hi In Ic 222 A Im
Magen 2309 C 543550 9 J Ni Po 902 Sf
Islent 2402 B AC0789 6 De 103 A Im
Alexin 2405 B 000420 12 Lo Ni As 230 Im

    The sector listing contained in the following pages was created with Galaxy 2.4 by Jim Vassilakos, which is a public domain program. This program is very useful for many of the related tasks in creating subsector listings, maps, and planetary UPP information.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.