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Binary Subsector

    Containing only two systems, the Binary subsector is an unknown area of the Trojan Reaches sector. Travel to Auitawry is forbidden because of the Droyne presense on the world, and is enforced by the Navel base on Sarage. Posting to Sarage is considered a punishment by some Navel officers, others see it as a welcome relief from the threat of conflict in other regions.

Mainworld Hex SP UWP TL Base Trade Class PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Sarage 2938 B 440523 12 N Ni Po De Rs 902 Cs
Auitawry 3140 A 5668XA 15 P Ri An 514 R Dr

    The sector listing contained in the following pages was created with Galaxy 2.4 by Jim Vassilakos, which is a public domain program. This program is very useful for many of the related tasks in creating subsector listings, maps, and planetary UPP information.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.