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Viaplash Subsector

    The Viaplash subsector.

Name Hex UWP Base Trade Classification TZ PPG Alg Remarks
Edljaj 0101 E230877-6 De Na Po 704 Zh
Pietldopl 0102 B300466-9 Ni Va 822 Zh
Tlief 0107 E8B2967-7 Fl Hi 704 Zh
Viatlsha' 0108 B300456-9 Ni Va 103 Zh
Elpebrrts 0201 D543643-1 Z Ni Po 900 Zh
Niefbief 0204 C99A234-6 Lo Ni Wa 214 Zh
Chtaffranz 0209 C24659D-7 Z Ag Ni 602 Zh
Kedrsheflof 0304 A591497-C Ni Cp 505 Zh
Ilde 0306 E353010-6 Lo Ni Po 504 Zh
Chibljaj 0308 A856620-7 Z Ag Ni 404 Zh
Qedriat 0310 E593354-6 Lo Ni 713 Zh
Ajchtiets 0401 B5277BB-6 Z 322 Zh
Eviajdo' 0409 C689426-A Ni 203 Zh
Ezinsvle 0501 E778321-7 Lo Ni 514 Zh
Ikl 0502 B779300-C Z Lo Ni 703 Zh
Kren 0508 A51347A-D Z Ic Ni 804 Zh
Ventchtianzh 0509 E789677-3 Ni Ri 202 Zh
Shanienzh 0603 D788662-3 Z Ag Ni Ri 310 Zh
Vrons 0606 DAA3515-8 Z Fl Ni 720 Zh
Fiafrdle 0607 E569110-4 Lo Ni 302 Zh
Iazriekrqlia 0703 D510301-5 Z Lo Ni 414 Zh
Zhdrntsitl 0710 C98958B-7 Ni 521 Zh
Drensh 0804 D1009BA-9 Z Hi Na Va 400 Zh
Zdenshzdo' 0806 C9E37B8-9 Z Fl 821 Zh
Driabr 0808 D63A863-9 Z Wa 904 Zh
Vienchie 0810 C533264-7 Lo Ni Po 802 Zh

    The sector listing contained in the following pages was created with Galaxy 2.4 by Jim Vassilakos, which is a public domain program. This program is very useful for many of the related tasks in creating subsector listings, maps, and planetary UPP information.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.