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Vanejen/Rhylanor/Spinward Marches

Subsector: Rhylanor
Location: 0709
Class: G6 V

    Vanejen boasts a class C starport, a lower quality installation which once served as an Imperial navel base. But no longer; the navy pulled out of the base in 995, and the installation was retained as the world's starport. The system has no gas giant - surprisingly, an asset which first drew Imperial attention to the system. The oceans of Vanejen can provide water for starship fuel to forces occupying the world, but attacking starforces are at a distinct disadvantage, needing to conquer the world itself before gaining access to the water they require for volume refuelling.

    There are one star, ten planets and 10 satellites in the system.

System Contents

Orbit Name SP UWP TL Bases Trade TZ Alg Remarks
*       G6 V           Primary
0   empty                
1   empty                
2   Vanejen C 686854 6   Ri   Im Research Station Gamma
  35 At X 200000 0          
  50 Alth X 100000 0          
3   Shesch X 303000 0          
4   Houmeirsh's Planet X 400614 5          
  3 Taunshiephamb X R00626 5          
  45 Eesruul X 200366 5          
5   Cheepnoimh X 402262 5          
6   Iyph X 601000 0          
  25 Heisriot X 100000 0          
7   Iekhepd X 200132 5          
8   Idtinl H S00210 12