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Gerome/Rhylanor/Spinward Marches

Subsector: Rhylanor
Location: 0408
Class: K2 V

    There are one star, three planets, and twelve satellites.

Orbit Name UPP  
      K2 V Primary
1   Blue Bell LGG  
  8 Anaxias X670000-0  
  10 Bree X600000-0  
  12 Ungol Cirith X200000-0  
  35 Tharabd X800000-0  
  40 Jarnet XS00000-0  
2   Saraest SGG  
  1 Hinder XR00000-0  
  20 Rue XS00000-0  
  45 Enumas XS00000-0  
  50 Elish XS00000-0  
3   Gerome X573344-8  
  1 Concoruum XR00000-0  
  7 Suwar XS00000-0  
  9 Razi G202255-F  

Reference: The Regency Source book:Keepers of the Flame.

by Lewis Roberts