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Zeycude/Chronor/Spinward Marches

System Contents

Orbit World UWP Remarks
M9 V Primary
0 Zeycude I Alpha C330698-9 Na Ni Po De
7 Zeycude I Alpha Ay YS00000-0
8 Zeycude I Alpha Bee YS00400-8
250 Zeycude I Alpha See YS00418-8
1 Zeycude I Beta XC00000-0
5 Zeycude I Beta Ay Y466562-8 Co
6 Zeycude I Beta Bee Y508500-8
11 Zeycude I Beta See H794100-8
20 Zeycude I Beta Dee Y300300-8
45 Zeycude I Beta Ee Y664261-8
50 Zeycude I Beta Eff G440123-9 Re
2 Zeycude I Gamma G687269-8
8 Zeycude I Gamma Ay H34026C-9 Re
3 Zeycude I Delta G9A4567-8 Co
7 Zeycude I Delta Ay F301368-8
8 Zeycude I Delta Bee G8CA369-9 Re
9 Zeycude I Delta See F879568-8 Co
4 Zeycude I Epsilon F787500-8
4 Zeycude I Epsilon Ay Y100333-8
5 Zeycude I Zeta G45053B-8
1 Zeycude I Zeta Ay YR00000-0
5 Zeycude I Zeta Bee Y22041D-8
25 Zeycude I Zeta See Y230200-8
6 Zeycude I Eta XB00000-0
5 Zeycude I Eta Ay Y462263-8
6 Zeycude I Eta Bee H240220-8
7 Zeycude I Eta See G100110-8
9 Zeycude I Eta Dee YS00530-9 Re
10 Zeycude I Eta Ee Y230520-8
12 Zeycude I Eta Eff Y101000-0
7 Zeycude I Theta G415369-8
8 Zeycude I Iota Y42552A-8
10 Zeycude I Iota Ay Y10032D-8
9 Companion Star
0 Zeycude III Alpha XC00000-0
5 Zeycude III Alpha Ay Y100500-8
8 Zeycude III Alpha Bee Y100312-8
9 Zeycude III Alpha See Y212500-8
10 Zeycude III Alpha Dee YS00533-8
11 Zeycude III Alpha Ee GS00523-8
15 Zeycude III Alpha Eff H669560-8 Co
25 Zeycude III Alpha Gee YS00000-0
30 Zeycude III Alpha Aitch Y370530-8
45 Zeycude III Alpha Eye H443500-9 Re
50 Zeycude III Alpha Jay Y310400-8
1 Zeycude III Beta Y211000-0
35 Zeycude III Beta Ay YS00400-8
45 Zeycude III Beta Bee YS00000-0
2 Zeycude III Gamma X000000-0
3 Zeycude III Delta Y462000-0
4 Zeycude III Delta Ay YS00211-8
5 Zeycude III Delta Bee Y101000-0
6 Zeycude III Delta See YS00200-8
4 Zeycude III Epsilon Y342000-0
3 Zeycude III Epsilon Ay YR00000-9 Re
4 Zeycude III Epsilon Bee G253460-8

Created using 'Traveller Heaven Earth (V.1.0.4)'

Written by Stuart W Ferris, Copyright 2000

Traveller is a registered trademark of Far Future Enterprises

Portions of this material are Copyright 1987-2000 Far Future Enterprises

Date Created: 11-Aug-01, Random Number Seed: 1