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Gessentown/Chronor/Spinward Marches

Orbit World UWP Remarks
M9 D Primary
0 Gesentown I Alpha XC00000-0
2 Gesentown I Alpha Ay YR00000-0
4 Gesentown I Alpha Bee Y101410-B
25 Gesentown I Alpha See Y662522-B
35 Gesentown I Alpha Dee H223231-B
45 Gesentown I Alpha Ee GS00510-B
55 Gesentown I Alpha Eff B21169B-C Na Ni Ic
1 Gesentown I Beta F45353C-C Re
9 Gesentown I Beta Ay Y210000-0
50 Gesentown I Beta Bee HS0023F-C Re
3 Companion
0 Gesentown II Alpha Y11013A-B
8 Gesentown II Alpha Ay YS00300-B
35 Gesentown II Alpha Bee YS0053C-B
1 Gesentown II Beta Y130000-0
5 Gesentown II Beta Ay HS00500-B
30 Gesentown II Beta Bee YS00513-C Re
50 Gesentown II Beta See YS00000-C Re

Created using 'Traveller Heaven Earth (V.1.0.4)'

Written by Stuart W Ferris, Copyright 2000

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Date Created: 12-Aug-01, Random Number Seed: 1