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Lewis/Aramis/Spinward Marches

Subsector: Aramis
Location: 3107
Primary: BZ 46588
Class: F8 V

    There are one star, nine planets, and fifteen satellites.

System Details

Orbit   Name UWP Base Remarks
    BZ 46588 F8 V   Primary
1   Yilla X900000-0    
  2 Damion X100000-0    
3   Grecgory X100000-0    
4   Aerathoa X564000-0    
5   Zenthra LGG    
  6 Diamond Ring XR00000-0    
  12 Gennifer X100000-0    
  15 Lewis X427344-8    
  40 Hunter X770000-0    
  45 Artemis X468000-0    
  55 Aimee X799000-0    
6   Barkenoff X859000-0    
  3 Dwight X535000-0    
  5 Davros XR00000-0    
8   Firefly X452000-0    
  8 Shadows X132000-0    
  30 Ember XS00000-0    
  40 Grunt X140000-0    
9   Dale X665000-0    
10   Megalith XA8A00-0    
  4 Rhodes XS00000-0    
  5 Donkey XS00000-0    
  8 Czarina XS00000-0    

Note: While Artemis looks like an attractive world from the UPP, it is far from it. It is currently undergoing severe vulcanism. This makes the planet extremely dangerous.