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    R'bak is the only system in Sagittarian subsector. Meteor swarms present a considerable hazard to navigation. Travellers are advised to adhere to guidance instructions from the starport authority as inner system travel is especially threatened. The starport is located at one of the space habitats in synchronous orbit around the main world.
    The world itself, however, is interdicted. Centuries ago, insystem shuttles fell into disrepair, and the world's inhabitants were isolated from their fellows in space. The ground society quickly descended to barbarism and forgot the people in orbit.
    In recent times, the habitat dwellers replaced their interplanetary craft with Imperial aid, and they now have the equivalent of a B-class starport. At the Imperium's insistence, however, they have not recontacted the ground population. The Imperial Navy requested that the developing cultures be protected from the interference of outside activity.
    The last fact has drawn some attention in the sector news media, for the Navy is rarely interested in protecting developing developing cultures. Generally, it is the IISS takes an interest in placing such worlds off-limits. Rumors of unusual lifeforms and psionic activity among R'bak's ground-dwellers persist. These rumors have led some researchers to pinpoint R'bak as the site of a top-security military research project.


Mainworld Hex SP UWP TL Base Trade Class PPG TZ Alg Star1 Star2 Star3 Remarks
R'Bak 1314 B 387777 3 Ag Ri 721 R Na G3 V

Subsector Map