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Old Islands/Reft

    Old Islands Subsector, first settled in AD 4512 (-9 Imperial) with generation ships and cold sleep capsules from Terra, developed and expanded with ships using sublight drives for nearly a thousand years, During the Third Frontier War, a chance encounter with an Imperial navy cruiser brought jump drives to all major worlds in the Cluster. In the 130 years since then, contact with the Imperium has been slight, but the worlds within the subsector have struggled almost continually to achieve supremacy over neighboring systems.
    Neubayern: One of the original three worlds settled, Neubayern remained on the fringes of development until jump drives became available. Thereafter, it has joined in the competition for its share of the Cluster. Neubayern is governed by a charismatic oligarchy, and has one colony: Schlesien Belt.
    New Home: The first world to be settled by the ESA Longrange Colony Mission, New Home is the oldest settlement in the Cluster, and the richest. It boasts the highest technology, although its population level is slightly lower than the other major worlds.
    Amondiage: The third of the three initially colonized worlds, Amondiage is an arid world with little in the way of riches or resources. Ruled by a charismatic dictatorship, it has emphasized exploitation of its main colony, at Acadie, as a source of minerals and raw materials.
    Sansterre: A water world on the coreward edge of the Cluster, Sansterre is a representative democracy with extensive underwater settlements scattered all across the world's ocean bottoms. Its major resource colony, at St. Denis, provides some surface agricultural produce.


Mainworld Hex SP UWP TL Base Trade Class PPG TZ Alg Star1 Star2 Star3 Remarks
Sturgeon's Law 1724 D AC1451 6 Fl Lo Ni 815 Na M1 V
Quichotte 1729 E 576667 6 J Ag Ni 413 Jo F6 V
Neubayern 1822 A 7889C9 12 J Hi Tp 610 Nb M3 V
Schlesien Belt 1923 C 000367 11 J Lo Ni As 110 Na K4 V
New Home 1925 E 565000 0 Ba 004 Nh G0 V
Colchis 2026 B 676898 9 J Tp 911 Na F7 V M5 V
St. Genevieve 2123 C 460100 10 J Lo Ni De 404 Na M4 V
Acadie 2225 C 868563 9 Ag Ni Tp 400 Am K6 V M9 V
Sansterre 2322 A 87A943 12 J Hi In Wa 222 Sa M0 V M9 V
Achille 2324 E 101335 9 Lo Ni Va Ic 100 Na M0 V A9 D
Amondiage 2325 A 5629A9 12 J Hi 102 Am F1 V
St. Denis 2423 D 735764 7 J 803 Sa K1 V M7 V

Subsector Map