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New Islands/Reft

    The New Islands Subsector lies in a pocket of stars deep within the Reft Sector. Colonized in the second wave of settlement after the European Space Agency Long-range Colony Mission arrived in this section of the Great Rift, it now boasts four major worlds with substantial populations. The most populous is Esperanza, far to the edge of the cluster, followed by New Colchis, Joyeuse, and Serendip Belt.
    Esperanza: Located on the extreme spinward edge of the Clusters, Esperanza is ruled by a well-entrenched non-charismatic dictatorship which enforces an oppressive political structure. Its tentacles extend to two vassal worlds: Wellington and St. Hilaire. Esperanzan technology (at B) lags behind the other major worlds of the New and Old Island subsectors.
    New Colchis: A tertiary world colonised from Colchis, which was in turn colonized from New Home, New Colchis is an industrialized trade center with a colony at Herzenslust. Its government is headed by a charismatic dictator.
    Joyeuse: Straddling the divider between the New and Old Islands, Joyeuse is a well-developed world with a government similar to that of Esperanza. It has a colony at Quichotte.
    Serendip Belt: The asteroid belt at Serendip is a rich storehouse of mineral wealth; it is inhabited by independent merchants and miners under a feudal technocracy form of government. The center of government is still the C-Jammer. Serendip controls nearby Gloire as an agricultural colony.


Mainworld Hex SP UWP TL Base Trade Class PPG TZ Alg Star1 Star2 Star3 Remarks
Zuflucht 0921 C 445720 8 J Ag 800 Na F6 V
Wellington 0925 C 8B0263 10 Lo Ni De 800 Es M6 II
Esperanza 0926 A 674ABC 11 J Hi In Tp 303 Es F9 V M2 V
St. Hilaire 0930 B 579763 10 J O:0926 500 Es K2 V
Nebelwelt 1030 C 879425 5 Lo Ni Tp 612 Na F2 V
Gloire 1123 C 764567 9 Ag Ni Tp St O:1323 924 Sb M0 III M0 V
Serendip Belt 1323 A 000959 12 J Na Hi In As 502 Sb G1 V K1 D
New Colchis 1327 A 8959AA 12 J Hi In Tp 103 Nc F8 V
Herzenslust 1426 E 995765 6 Ag Tp 920 Nc F0 V M6 V
Orphee 1429 X 885600 0 Ag Ni Ri Tp St 100 R Na M9 III
Topas 1522 D 120899 5 Na Po De 904 Na K8 V
Elysee 1525 B 502532 9 J Ni Va Ic 200 Na M1 V
Besancon 1526 C 201341 9 J Lo Ni Va Ic 502 Na M2 V
Berlichingen 1621 D 600437 7 Lo Ni Va 700 Na M8 D
Joyeuse 1628 A 7899B9 12 J Hi Tp 404 Jo K2 V M3 V

Subsector Map