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Zhdienzhkr Subsector

  The Zhdienzhkr subsector.

Mainworld Hex UWP Bases Trade Codes TZ PPG Alg Remarks
Pianszhdal 1712 C220665-5 Z De Na Ni Po 804 Zh
Ensnrbr 1713 C201999-A Hi Ic Na Va 924 Zh
Elyialsti 1715 A696767-8 Ag 814 Zh
Rl 1718 E6776AA-3 Ag Ni 110 Zh
Chiedrchech 1719 B436244-9 Lo Ni 704 Zh
Iedlzdil 1912 B567130-B Z Lo Ni 300 Zh
Prech 1913 A384489-C Ni 312 Zh
Qleqresh 1915 B7A4896-9 Z Fl 604 Zh
Jdisheepl 1920 E351695-7 Ni Po 102 Zh
Jrflonsh 2012 B888457-C Ni 303 Zh
Fle'ie 2013 A567598-B Ag Ni 801 Zh
Onshchtinzh 2019 B4238A9-C Z Na Po 504 Zh
Elvira 2020 B69968A-8 Ni 804 Na
Zhar 2111 A240654-B Z De Ni Po 610 Zh
Kie'e 2112 D575351-5 Z Lo Ni 915 Zh
Ziefl 2115 A0007AD-E Z As Na 505 Zh
Kenshfria 2117 D9977A8-3 Z Ag 503 Zh
Breklsa 2119 B457577-A Z Ag Ni 604 Zh
Chivriee 2214 B320333-B Z De Lo Ni Po 124 Zh
Kiats 2215 B8B0678-7 De Ni 223 Zh
Chtiafo 2311 D4039B8-8 Z Hi Ic Na Va 204 Zh
Chebo 2312 D984130-3 Z Lo Ni 311 Zh
Niadrenshoz 2316 B463448-A Z Ni 503 Zh
Szilard 2320 B32667B-7 Ni 114 Na
Iaffiz 2412 B615277-C Z Ic Lo Ni 802 Zh
Jiarne' 2415 D74369A-3 Ni Po 104 Zh
Lykes 2417 A77615A-C M Lo Ni 200 Na

    The sector listing contained in the following pages was created with Galaxy 2.4 by Jim Vassilakos, which is a public domain program. This program is very useful for many of the related tasks in creating subsector listings, maps, and planetary UPP information.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.