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Rull Subsector

  The Rull subsector.

Mainworld Hex UWP Bases Trade Codes TZ PPG Alg Remarks
Vogel 0131 A452333-D M Lo Ni Po 805 Dt
Louisa 0139 DAB69A9-4 M Fl Hi 324 Dt
Sprague 0235 C452300-B Lo Ni Po 705 Dt
Barghan 0237 B899227-C M Lo Ni 534 Dt
Krender 0239 D536677-4 M Ni 202 Dt
Parellus 0240 B241424-A M Ni Po 603 Dt
De Wartre 0331 A310778-C M Na 201 Dt
Leavenworth 0333 A588565-D M Ag Ni 504 Dt
Filio 0334 A500886-B Na Va 600 Dt
Norman 0338 B443000-8 M Ba Lo Ni Po 814 Dt
McDowell 0340 D558232-7 M Lo Ni 112 Dt
Margerison 0434 C345854-9 504 Dt
Thorn 0438 C130132-7 M De Lo Ni Po 423 Dt
Lizzie 0439 B681765-6 M Ri 303 Dt
Pharoxx 0440 B665433-B Ni 423 Dt
Horium 0534 A693446-B Ni 102 Dt
Halig 0537 B668431-9 M Ni 221 Dt
Auriel 0540 C272353-7 M Lo Ni 124 Dt
Dob 0637 C9D68AC-9 Fl 613 Dt
Ergar 0639 B568544-6 Ag Ni 603 Dt
Vaginamite 0734 C453103-9 M Lo Ni Po 404 Dt
Varmer 0739 B7A5547-C M FlNi 835 Dt
Angus 0831 E454678-5 Ag Ni 200 Na
Boru 0834 B000640-A As Na Ni 310 Na
Lata 0837 D777010-2 Lo Ni 404 Na
Belissa 0838 B420430-9 De Ni Po 600 Na

    The sector listing contained in the following pages was created with Galaxy 2.4 by Jim Vassilakos, which is a public domain program. This program is very useful for many of the related tasks in creating subsector listings, maps, and planetary UPP information.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.