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Harem Subsector

  The Harem subsector.

Mainworld Hex UWP Bases Trade Codes TZ PPG Alg Remarks
Noss 0932 B566101-9 Lo Ni 312 Ta
Asbrand 0937 D775434-5 M Ni 202 Ta
Kadin 1033 C423445-7 Ni Po 300 Ta
Donner 1035 C532886-7 M Na Po 710 Ta
Campbell 1036 B221A73-D M Hi In Na Po 304 Ta
Quintilius 1037 D220323-5 M De Lo Ni Po 912 Ta
Danner 1039 B668356-9 Lo Ni 824 Ta
Hawley 1131 B200475-C Ni Va 702 Ta
MacDougall 1136 BAC7576-8 Fl Ni 705 Ta
Loki 1137 D633762-2 M Na Po 304 Ta
Kynes 1138 B9E5355-D Fl Lo Ni 803 Ta
Tuesday 1234 B558744-6 Ag 103 Ta
Coi 1237 D210876-3 M Na 714 Ta
Coppereye 1239 D460979-4 De Hi 203 Ta
Beeta 1240 B7A7466-C M Fl Ni 704 Ta
Pren 1338 B567AC9-E M Hi 324 Ta
Perseus 1431 C10078A-8 M Na Va 603 Ta
Dell Park 1434 C452666-6 M Ni Po 100 Ta
Qwaylar 1436 B140858-9 De Po 602 Ta
Ellison 1440 D567755-6 M Ag Ri 724 Ta
Daynelman 1535 C574010-6 Lo Ni 400 Na
Siudhne 1537 B301236-9 M Ic Lo Ni Va 104 Na
Hideki 1539 B352234-7 M Lo Ni Po 814 Ta
Atkins 1540 B763015-5 Lo Ni 402 Ta
Kye 1633 C648230-7 M Lo Ni 800 Na
Olav 1634 E9B4644-6 Fl Ni 310 Na
Kanuat 1635 C400794-A Va Na 622 Na
Seriant 1639 E69A986-8 Hi In Wa 203 Ta
Dessa 1640 D458202-9 Lo Ni 913 Ta

    The sector listing contained in the following pages was created with Galaxy 2.4 by Jim Vassilakos, which is a public domain program. This program is very useful for many of the related tasks in creating subsector listings, maps, and planetary UPP information.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.