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Atsah Subsector

    During the First Imperium, the Atsah Subsector was on the spinward frontier. The early years of the Third Imperium were a time of rapid population growth and exploitation of this subsector as the frontier pushed on spinward.
    The worlds of Atadl (3015) and Sherad (3116) were well established by 100 as the heart of a major resource and industrial cluster. The extensive Sherad belt currently provides many resources to support the worldwide industrialization of Atadl. However, no major finds have occurred in the last 150 years and many belters fear that the vast belt may be playing out. The flow of resources to Atadl is slowing, unemployment is on the rise there, and the populace is growing uneasy.
    Niven (2512) has a dangerously insidious atmosphere and is rated an Amber Zone - caution is advised if travel there is necessary.
    The Scout Service has found no native intelligent life in this subsector. Atsah Subsector and the world Wal-ta-ka (2713) was the subject of a travelogue that appeared in the Traveller's Digest Volume I, issue number two, dated 244-1111 or the 244th day of the 1111th year of the Third Imperium.

Name Hex SP UWP TL Base     Trade Class   PPG TZ Alg Remarks
Niven 2512 E 9C3237 6 Fl Lo Ni     534 A Im
Kasmar 2515 E 631754 9 Na Po    101 Im
Erita 2519 E 99A575 8 Ni Wa    113 Im
Kiirindor 2520 B 446666 B A Ag Ni Cp C:2519 310 Im Subsector Capital
Berora 2615 B 100672 D Na Ni Va    822 Na
Wal-ta-ka 2713 C 360431 A Lo Ni De   601 Na
Dophkah 2715 B 647777 8 N Ag Tp   324 Cs
Errogel 2716 B 150554 A N Ni Po De   724 Cs
Segan 2717 B 3509AB C N Hi Po De    504 Cs
Og Bere' 2812 B 464002 8 Lo Ni   223 Na
Doho 2813 A 696444 C Lo Ni Tp    621 Na
Gampin 2820 D 668644 7 S Ag Ni Ri Tp    533 Im
Atsah 2913 A 656750 D W Ag Tp   723 Cs
Khishuda 2918 C 856040 5 Lo Ni Tp    201 Na
Corfinium 3011 B 443634 8 Ni Po   522 Im
Ivora 3013 E 999533 5 Ni Tp   401 Na
Atadl 3015 B 2109C7 F Na Hi In    201 Cs
Zerderu 3016 B 441685 B Ni Po   401 Na
Lamar 3111 C 410410 7 S Lo Ni   223 Vf
Berth 3112 B 547345 B A Lo Ni    901 Vf
Prevsla 3113 D 243300 8 Lo Ni Po    410 Vf
Arabah 3115 C 877233 5 S Lo Ni Tn   820 Vf
Sherad 3116 A 000447 F N Lo Ni As   913 Vf
Salaam 3213 D 576300 4 S Lo Ni    222 Vf

    The sector listing contained in the following pages was created with Galaxy 2.4 by Jim Vassilakos, which is a public domain program. This program is very useful for many of the related tasks in creating subsector listings, maps, and planetary UPP information.

Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.