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7th Battle Squadron


The 1st Battle Squadron is organized into four divisions - the Battle division, the Escort division, the Fighter division, and the Support division.

The Battle Division: Four Okedi class Battleships form the Battle Division of the squadron. Their heavy firepower is the crux of the entire squadron's strength.

Okedi class      BB-T146AH4-596608-999S7-0 MCr185,482.7 300 kton
batteries bearing            Y   7 CCL Y                TL=14
        batteries            Z   F RRY Z                Crew=2,276
Fuel=150,000. EP=30,000. Agility=6. Cargo=500. Low=500. Y=50. Z=100.

The Escort Division: To cover the deployment of the battleships, the squadron has a division of escort ships normally assigned to it. These eight Dlevrrk class Light Cruisers carry enough firepower to cover the time necessary for the line of battle to form and can fend off smaller nuisance attacks when necessary.

Dlevrrk class CL-N136CH3-496609-999G9-0 MCr35,342.8 40 kton 
batteries bearing         M   4 H94 9                  TL=14
        batteries         R   5 LA5 A                  Crew=409
Fuel=16,800. EP=4,800. Agility=6.

The Fighter Division: The fighter division for this squadron is provided by four Jderveledr-class fleet carriers, and consists of 800 heavy fighters organized into 80 groups. These groups are commanded by the fighter coordinator aboard the carrier flagship. Fighters are used for long range patrols and reconnaissance within a system, allows the carrier advanced warning of enemy ships or bases. In addition, the fighters are expected to hold the screen against enemy vessels until the battleships are ready to begin battle.

Jderveledr class FC-S633AH4-F96608-99997-200 MCr18,873.3
batteries bearing            F   F FFFFF     TL=14
batteries                    W   W WWWWW     Crew=1,703
Cargo=500. Fuel=80000. EP=20000.