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502nd Cruiser Squadron


The 502nd Cruiser Squadron is organized into three divisions - the Cruiser division, the Escort division, and the Support division.

The Cruiser Division: Four Aasgeer class Heavy Cruisers form the Cruiser Division of the squadron. Their heavy firepower is the crux of the entire squadron's strength.

Aasgeer Class     CR-P136HJ3-099909-99P99-0 MCr644,272.3 60 ktons
batteries bearing             7   5 A7076                 TL=15
        batteries             F   A LF1FD                 Crew=496
Fuel=28,200. EP=10,200. Agility=6. Cargo=1.

The Escort Division: The escort squadron has the task of protecting the cruiser division from fighter and smaller ships' attacks. These six Khugelikaer class Destroyers, and twelve Lucifer class Destroyer Escorts carry enough firepower to cover the cruiser division.

Khugelikaer Class DD-D156BJ2-000500-99009-0      MCr271.9 4 ktons
batteries bearing                   22  2                 TL=15
        batteries                   22  2                 Crew=45
Fuel=2,440. EP=440. Agility=6. Cargo=50.

Lucifer Class     DE-4446BJ2-C00000-06003-0       MCr320. 400 tons
batteries bearing                    1  2                 TL=15
        batteries                    1  2                 Crew=10
Fuel=20. EP=44. Agility=6.