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760th Battle Squadron


    The 760th battle squadron is centered on the battleship class Imkhu and consists of the battle divison, the escort division, the fighter division, and the anciliary division. The squadrons total attack strength is 41.35. The total defensive strength is 23.2.

The Battle Division

    The battle division is the heart of the squadron, containing the line-of-battle vessels. The 760th is equipped with two Imkhu-class dreadnaughts; the squadron commander commands from the flagship, while the deputy commander follows the battle from his own dreadnaught.

The Escort Division

    The escort division is responsible for protecting the battleships from smaller craft, allowing them to defeat the enemy's line-of-battle. This squadron is equipped with five Iidkaer-class light cruisers and five Lika-class fleet escorts.

The Fighter Division

    The fighter division for this squadron is provided by the battleships, and consists of 400 heavy fighters organized into 40 groups. These groups are commanded by the fighter coordinator aboard the squadron flagship.

The Support Division

    This division consists of the vessels necessary to keep the squadron functioning: supply ships, fuel haulers and troop transports are all assigned to the squadron based on the squadrons mission from the fleet pool.