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502nd Battle Squadron

The 502nd Battle Squadron is organized into four divisions - the Battle division, the Escort division, the Fighter division, and the Support division.

The Battle Division: Four Tigress class Battleships form the Battle Division of the squadron. Their heavy firepower is the crux of the entire squadron's strength.

Tigress Class BB-V5368J4-F97909-967T9-300 MCr362,721. 500 ktons
batteries bearing         5   B 5R51Y                 TL=15
        batteries         A   N AXA1Z                 Crew=4,054
Fuel=190,000. EP=40,000. Agility=6.
X=50. Y=215. Z=430.

The Escort Division: The squadron is organized to employ four Tigress class Battleships into battle against the enemy. To cover the deployment of the battleships, the squadron has a division of escort ships normally assigned to it. These four Migekaruu class Heavy Cruisers, six Melika class Light Cruisers, six Midu Agashaam class Destroyers, and twelve Lucifer class Destroyer Escorts carry enough firepower to cover the time necessary for the line of battle to form and can fend off smaller nuisance attacks when necessary.

Migekaruu class   CR-Q146CJ3-599909-999R9-0 MCr68,950.9 75 ktons
batteries bearing             2   2 A5515               TL=15
        batteries             5   5 LAA1A               Crew=532
Fuel=39,000. EP=9,000. Agility=6. Cargo=200.

Melika class      CL-M146DJ3-599909-79H09-0  MCr402,424.4 35 ktons
batteries bearing             2   2 521 5                 TL=15
        batteries             5   5 A51 A                 Crew=278
Fuel=18,550. EP=4,550. Agility=6. Cargo=100.

Midu Agashaam class DD-C246BJ2-052400-50506-0 MCr2,188.78 3 ktons
batteries bearing               3     4 1 1               TL=15
        batteries               3     4 1 1               Crew=33
Fuel=1,530. EP=330. Agility=6. Two Cutters.

Lucifer class     DE-4446BJ2-C00000-06003-0       MCr320. 400 tons
batteries bearing                    1  2                 TL=15
        batteries                    1  2                 Crew=10
Fuel=20. EP=44. Agility=6.

The Fighter Division: The Tigress's hangar bays carry 300 single place fighters. Fighters are used for long range patrols and reconnaissance within a system, allows the carrier advanced warning of enemy ships or bases. In addition, the fighters are expected to hold the screen against enemy vessels until the Riders are ready to begin battle.

Sylean Class FH-0106N71-830000-20002-0 MCr105.23 50 tons
batteries bearing        3     1   1             TL=15
batteries                1     1   1             Crew=2
Fuel=11. EP=11. Agility=6.