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The Traveller Atlas

Sectors Systems of the Traveller universe

    This is the original setting of Classic Traveller-around Imperial Year 1100. The Imperium is a strong interstellar government encompassing 281 subsectors and approximately 11,000 worlds. About 1,100 years old, it is the third human empire to control this area, the oldest, and the strongest. Nevertheless, it is under strong pressure from its neighboring interstellar governments, and does not have the strength or the power which it once had.

    Intended as a reference to the referee, this site contains data on individual worlds, subsectors, starships, Traveller News service, and Library data. Submissions of actual data, starship designs, worlds and other information; please see the submissions page for email address and criteria.

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Fleets Organization and equipment of the major races
Library Data Coming Soon!
Ships Ships of the region

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Portions of this material Game Designer's Workshop, Marc Miller and other sources.